MARCUS TO | Commission of Classic and New 52 Helena Wayne at ECCC.
MARCUS TO | Commission of Classic and New 52 Helena Wayne at ECCC.
ASSESSMENT | Paul Levitz loves recycling old tropes, part 2.
TRIAL BY FIRE | Paul Levitz loves recycling old tropes, part 1.
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Pre-Crisis Helena Wayne?


New 52 Helena Wayne?

Parallel 03 | The pre-Crisis continuity was a nicer place than the New 52.

The Difference:

In the pre-Crisis continuity, Helena Wayne introduced herself right away and Bruce was intrigued to learn more about this daughter he has with Selina Kyle on a parallel universe. He even invited her up for tea.

In the New 52, Bruce is often written like a dick, though in this case, he was actually written out of character. As such, he greeted his Earth-2 daughter in the most dehumanising way possible: by trapping her in a cage like a jungle cat. No bat cuffs which is the usual way he restrains criminals when he’s not beating them to a pulp. (Something tells me Selina Kyle would not approve of this fuckery).

PARALLEL 02 | Helena Wayne used the same method for meeting her ‘father.’

The Difference:

The pre-Crisis Helena Wayne chose breaking and entering as her method for ‘meeting her father’ because she wanted to test her own skills and see if hers matched up with those of even an alternate version of her father. It was all about the thrill of outsmarting the most obsessive-compulsive detective in the world and the success of being able to exploit weaknesses in his state-of-the-art security system, just like her mother. Another part of her simply wanted to impress her father figure.

In the New 52, Helena Wayne chose to break and enter because Paul Levitz ran out of original ideas by the year 2014, and because the character hasn’t evolved to the point of being able to write herself yet. All jokes aside, the reason she chose to break and enter is because the New 52 version of Helena Wayne is not nearly as creative and clever as her superior pre-Crisis counterpart, and therefore thought it was her best option for meeting her mainstream dad. Not only did she bring the pre-Crisis Helena Wayne to tears with this move, but it ultimately didn’t work in her favour as you’ll see shortly.

PARALLEL 01 | Helena Wayne met her mainstream dad the same way twice.

The Difference:

Pre-Crisis, Helena met Bruce in his penthouse atop the Wayne building and met this world’s version of Dick Grayson as Robin for the first time. On Earth-2, Dick Grayson was 25 years her senior. Also in the Pre-Crisis continuity, Dick got his arse handed to him by Helena when he attempted to fight her.

In the New 52, Helena meets Bruce for the first time in the Batcave, and had met his son, Damian Wayne, months (a year?) earlier. She also got her arse handed to her by Damian this time instead of the other way around. She also has not met Dick Grayson in this universe (though she’s read about him) and he never existed on Earth-2. She was her father’s Robin instead.

Helena Wayne’s New 52 History in a Nutshell:

→ Helena is born to Bruce and Selina Wayne on the parallel world of Earth-2.

→ Helena is trained from an early age to be a skilled and effective crime-fighter.

→ Helena debuts as Robin in her early teen and loses her mother around this time.

→ Helena fights alongside her father and loses hims during the Apokolips War.

→ Helena is transported with Kara to Earth-0 via a boom tube following the war.

→ At 16, Helena abandons her Robin identity and researches her new world.

→ Helena develops her Huntress identity and designs her new costume.

→ By 17, Helena debuts as the Huntress in Prague by disbanding a sex ring.

→ By 22, Helena is fully established in her Huntress identity with a strong profile.

Helena Wayne’s relationship with doors: kicking them off their hinges since 1977!

(Old habits never change).

'Everything I have, everything I am, is because of him. I am the Batman's daughter. I am The Huntress' -Helena Wayne (JSA Annual #1)