BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL | Preview for Harley Quinn #0
Guess what I’ll be picking up this week.

BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL | Preview for Harley Quinn #0

Guess what I’ll be picking up this week.

I *FINALLY* got caught up in my Ame-Comi Power Girl reading that I went ahead and reviewed all three issues in one single post.

I might review the first issue (maybe the entire mini) of Ame-Comi Supergirl as well since it continues the Power Girl storyline. 

All in all, it is a great read for any fan of Power Girl.

It does have me wondering though what an Ame-Comi Huntress would be like. Would she be Helena Wayne running Wayne Enterprises in place of Bruce? Or would she be Helena Bertinelli working as a school teacher? A college professor? Or heck, even a lawyer for consistency’s sake? And more importantly, would she be best friends with Power Girl and make up their World’s Finest?

You like Radiohead? Dammit, stop making me like you! Radiohead is one of my all time favorite bands. What's your favorite Radiohead album? Mine are - in order - 1.) OK Computer 2.) Kid A (I don't care if a lot of people hated it, I love it) 3.) The Bends. Also, who would you have writing World's Finest, besides cliche ridden, stereotype prone, boring as heck Paul Levitz?

Kid A was actually the first full album I heard from Radiohead, mainly cause I loved their songs “Everything In It’s Place” (which is my absolute favourite song from them) and Idioteque, but I also loved Pablo Honey. The Bends is pretty good too. I don’t think I’ve heard Ok Computer outside of Paranoid Android. Should probably check it out though. 

If I could pick a different writer(s) for Worlds’ Finest, I’d have to go with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with either Amanda Conner or Marcus To on art. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray actually get Power Girl’s character and they could easily write her really well with Helena Wayne. They can also pull off really cracky story lines that are actually funny and witty as opposed to cliché and lacklustre. I also feel that Amanda Conner and Marcus To’s art actually capture the characters’ personalities really well and do a lot more with simple contours. 

Jimmy Palmiotti on Power Girl's love life
Q: Power Girl has had many short-lived romantic trysts in the past (Green Lantern, Hawkman, Firestorm), but in them, the man seems to be the pursuer (especially Vartox), and she seems very uninterested in romance in general. How do you see Power Girl’s sexuality?
A: She has to fall in love and in a sense admire a man before committing. We wrote her as playful, aggressive at times and a little girl new to the world in others. With Vartox, we looked at a macho man from another universe that underneath it all was a hurt and flawed character and Power Girl, after a while saw this and finally bonded with him on her terms. Karen is smart…and keeps her emotions in check, because like her powers, once unleashed , they can be precarious and she chooses to use her head first.