Reading lately about Grayson, I guess there’s a bit of an up roar about the skin color of Helena Bertinelli. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising, sadly. :/

But is it weird that when I read the last issue of Nightwing, I really didn’t notice. Like it just felt natural for her…

I’m curious though. Didn’t we see Bertinellis picture on her passport as Helena W was burning it?

And if Helena Wayne was posing as her, wouldn’t they look alike?

I don’t really take issue with the skin color. I just hope the character is recognizable personality wise. Because, if they literally change everything about an established character, why not just make a new one?

No judgements here until I read the book.:-)

We did see it.

However, I suspect Wayne was either using a picture of herself or someone else for the passport photo.

Just some speculation.

I’m pretty sure Helena Wayne was using her own picture when she created her Helena Bertinelli passport.

It’s worth remembering that Helena Wayne is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, two people who are skilled at falsifying documentation. There is no reason why Helena Wayne wouldn’t have those same skills and has consistently demonstrated in Worlds’ Finest that she can hack into very secure computer systems and exploit those systems for her own use.

There is no reason why she wouldn’t be able to create a fake ID using her own picture and false information. Simply stealing a ‘dead person’s’ passport without doing any alterations to it doesn’t sound like something she would do.

Just my two cents.


Helena Bertinelli and Helena Wayne :Two Huntresses ! during the convention I met another Huntress cosplayer (it was her first costume !)Huntress : costume worn and made by me (at left)Huntress : (at right) : ?Geekopolis 2014, Parisphoto taken by Shashin Kaihimore here : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.774416752589546.1073741835.227254813972412&type=3The Huntress (C) DC Comics/ Batman/ Birds of Prey


Helena Bertinelli and Helena Wayne :
Two Huntresses ! 

during the convention I met another Huntress cosplayer (it was her first costume !)

Huntress : costume worn and made by me (at left)
Huntress : (at right) : ?

Geekopolis 2014, Paris
photo taken by Shashin Kaihi
more here : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.774416752589546.1073741835.227254813972412&type=3

The Huntress (C) DC Comics/ Batman/ Birds of Prey


This is a great well thought article about Helena Bertinelli! 

Reblogging myself. :)

An excellent article written by my mate, comiccombatant.

Please check it out!

Earlier this month, creators Tim Seeley and Tom King announced that a New 52 version of Helena Bertinelli would be debuting in the new series, Grayson, which would see Dick Grayson rebuilding his life as a spy after the events of Forever Evil outed him as Nightwing.This week saw the official first appearance of Helena Bertinelli as both an agent of Spyral and as woman of colour in the final pages of Nightwing #30.

As was to be expected in this situation, the change to Helena Bertinelli’s appearance in the New 52 didn’t go unnoticed. Many people supported the change and there were just as many who didn’t. Those who supported the change saw this as a positive development for the character, and those who didn’t complained about the change for all of the wrong reasons. Unsurprisingly, most of the complaints were, at best, deeply rooted in ignorance over the diversity of people that exist in Italy, and, at worst, rife with racist rhetoric.

Given the mixed bag of reactions the new Helena Bertinelli got, I decided to compile my own list of reasons for why this change actually works in her favour. Not just to enlighten the unenlightened, but also to express my own excitement for this development as well as address any concerns about where this could go given DC’s awful track record with women in the New 52. But first, the positives!

Read more.

So. I had stuff to say. Namely in favour of rebooting Helena Bertinelli as a woman of colour, which I think is a good idea. I also address concerns that could potentially come from this, namely in terms of character development since DC’s track record with women in the New 52 is horrendous. Their track record with women of colour in particular isn’t any better.

Before any of you click this link or even reblog this, let me be absolutely clear about something: This is a post that discusses FIVE reasons why Helena Bertinelli as a woman of colour is a positive development for her, and what it means for the representation of Italians of colour. YES, contrary to popular fan opinion, Italians of colour DO exist in Italy!

I completely understand if you’re concerned about how the character will be developed within the context of the New 52. That is a legitimate concern taking into account just how many women have been rewritten and completely repurposed so that their personalities and narratives are BARELY recognisable for the people we like them for.

But if you’re in that corner of fandom that thinks Helena Bertinelli can’t still be the character you know and love because she has darker skin now, or if you’re of the position that ‘Italians are white not black,’ GET THE FUCK OUT. Don’t even bother reblogging this post just to counter-argue that because it’s not an argument you are going to win with me—I’ll tell you that now. Don’t even bother hitting my inbox either, because I’m not going to have this conversation with you either. I will instead link to this video to shut you up. I hope your Italian is good cause you’re going to need it to comprehend the discussion that is being had in this video, including about inclusivity and racism in Italy!

That being said, happy reading. therearecertainshadesoflimelight, I hope you don’t mind that I linked three of your tweets in this post!


seriously if you have anything to say about helena’s new look that isn’t “dang she’s fine”, get out

Kind of surprised by the amount of Huntress/Helena Bertinelli fans that…


Seem to think that because New 52 Helena is black (even that isn’t confirmed yet though), she isn’t Italian or Catholic.  I mean, not only are there Black Italians (Balotelli anyone? Kyenge?), but in Sicily, which I believe her family is from, there are quite a bit of dark-skinned people of Mediterranean descent, never mind African migrants.

As for the Catholic thing…  There are plenty of Black Catholics.  Me included.

It’s not that much of a stretch everyone.  Relax.  Yes, Helena has been changed a bit, but unless I’m missing something, Spyral is more of a departure for the character than her skin. 

75 Years of Batman | Celebrating Batman's birthday Earth-2 style!

The above link in grey is a brief history of the Dark Knight’s Golden Age history in the DC Universe, with a brief discussion on why the Dark Knight has had a special place in my heart all these years.

And yes, there is a reason Helena Bertinelli is featured in this post. Batman’s 75 year history is relevant to her as well!

Helena Bertinelli Fans!

Comixology is having a mini Huntress sale going on right now where you can purchase both Huntress: Year One and the first six issues of Joey Cavalieri’s Huntress (1989) series for $0.99!

Huntress: Year One is not necessarily popular with all Huntress fans (I personally like it and own it—don’t hate me), but worth trying out if you’re at least curious.

Similarly, the original Joey Cavalieri version of Helena Bertinelli isn’t the version most fans are familiar with, but she is the first incarnation of the character to appear in the post-Crisis continuity. If you’re curious to know who Helena Bertinelli was prior to the the Greg Rucka reboot, $0.99 for the first six issues is not a bad deal. :)

Unfortunately Greg Rucka’s Cry For Blood miniseries isn’t part of this sale, but for $1.99 per issue, it’s still not a bad deal considering how much the newer digital comics sell for on Comixology. :P

So yeah…this is me getting the word out there for Helena Bertinelli or any other Huntress fans interested in a digital Huntress comic sale. Also crisp quality!

(Now if only DC Comics could release digital versions of America vs The Justice Society and various other pre-Crisis Earth-2/Huntress stories, my life would be complete. The New 52 version of ‘Earth-2’ just isn’t doing it for me).





DC Comics AU where everyone is the age they’d be if they’d been born on the date of their first canonical appearance

  • bruce: 75
  • dick: 74
  • babs: 47
  • jay:  31
  • tim: 25
  • cass: 15
  • steph: 22
  • damian:  9

Bruce is the cranky Grandpa, Dick is the cool Grandpa.

Plus Ibn al Xu’ffasch, age 27, Damian’s alternate dimension clone who has actually heard of subtlety. Or does his existence make Damian 27 instead?

Helena Wayne would be approaching 37 and Helena Bertinelli would be 25.