Thoughts on Tonight’s Arrow

The Good?

  • Alex Kingston. Hope she turns out to be Dinah Drake/Black Canary I
  • Helena caught Ollie’s arrow and gave him a rightful ass-beating.
  • Also, she kicked ass with the crossbow this time.

The rest? Unfortunately this show’s version of Huntress completely misses the mark. (See what I did there?)

All I have to say is if Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg think Helena Bertinelli is the manipulative, villainous, psychotic ex-girlfriend type who kills people uncontrollably, then they either clearly didn’t read the character in the comics, or they read her wikipedia page and got a completely wrong interpretation of her character. 

Either that or I’m from Earth-8 cause that’s how far fetched it bloody was.

(I really should quit with the bad puns).

Green Arrow and Snow White sitting next to each other in an episode of The Roundtable. 
The best part? They’re both badass archers in their respective shows. ♥
Night is made.

Green Arrow and Snow White sitting next to each other in an episode of The Roundtable. 

The best part? They’re both badass archers in their respective shows. 

Night is made.

What were your thoughts on the appearance of the Huntress in Arrow?

I did answer this question before, but I do think the show got *some* things right about Helena Bertinelli such as her hatred for organised crime and this being a significant motivator in her own personal war against crime.

Unfortunately, however, I also felt that the show exaggerated her willingness to kill in order to establish her as someone more emotionally unstable than Ollie and also turn her into someone who needs guidance and fixing (though in all fairness, she faced this same problem too with writers in the mainstream comics). I was also not fond of the fact that Helena’s character was greatly diminished in order to further Oliver’s story, especially since Helena herself is very much a self-motivated character who picks her own weapons, and chose her own nom de guerre. 

I honestly feel that Helena could’ve been very easily established as Oliver’s equal without diminishing who she is, especially given that the premise for the show itself is very much the same premise that drove Helena B’s story in the mainstream comics. I also feel that the dynamic would’ve been much more interesting if she had been established as a heroine with the same goals as Ollie, and not just relegated to ‘potential love interest.’

As it stands, Huntress is set to return for episode 17 of the show (‘The Huntress Returns’), so here’s to hoping that the writers will actually evolve her character above and beyond someone that Oliver needs to tame and into a heroine of her own right. I know I’ve been very critical of the show’s treatment of female characters, but after 14 episodes, I do think it is an overall good show in terms of story and character development. 


Sigh… I’m incredibly disappointed with the entire Huntress arc of Arrow.

I was so excited that Huntress would be coming on the show, as I love Huntress in World’s Finest - and then they turned her into a generic love interest.

Seriously, this is like the Dark Knight Rises all over again. Next…

While I completely agree with most of your points and perfectly outlined why the depiction of women on this show has been problematic, I think it’s important to distinguish that the Huntress appearing in Worlds’ Finest is a completely different character from the one that was used on Arrow. The Huntress that appeared on Arrow is the daughter of a crime boss (Helena Bertinelli), whereas the one appearing in Worlds’ Finest is the adult daughter of Batman and Catwoman (Helena Wayne). That’s a huge difference in my opinion. 

Also, please understand I’m not trying to get on your arse for making an innocent mistake, I’m just trying to decrease confusion as much as possible, especially since fans are having a hard enough time telling them apart as it is. :P

Review of Arrow 1x08


Spoilers below the cut

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This episode was a painful 45 minutes of my life I’d like to get back.

While this is a great review of the episode, I am however a bit bothered by your stating the colour purple being Helena [Bertinelli’s] signature colour.

It is true that the colour is very strongly associated with her, but I also want to point out that in keeping the colour purple on Helena Bertinelli’s costumes was one more way the post-Crisis continuity further diminished its significance to Helena Wayne by completely dissociating her from it and even redefining its meaning. This is especially true when you take into account DC’s own track record with the character following two major reboots.

The story behind the colour purple on the Huntress costume actually goes back to the original Catwoman costume of the pre-Crisis continuity who’s signature colour was purple. Originally, when Helena Wayne added the colour purple to the Huntress costume, she did it in honour of her mother—the Earth-2 Catwoman—who’s death prompted her into taking on the Huntress identity to avenge her mother’s death before doing it full time.

The fact that it took the death of her mother to get her into the business of costumed crime-fighting (she originally had no plans on taking over the family business prior to that) makes her decision to become the Huntress and the colour purple her choice of colour for her costume that much more significant. As such, I feel the colour is as much Helena Wayne’s signature colour as it is Bertinelli’s. 

At best, I would reword that bit so that it reads something more along the lines of ‘purple is the signature colour of the Huntress costume’ to avoid furthering the problem of invisibility of one Huntress for the other.

Huntress Day!

I just realised something.

We’re not just getting the latest chapter of Helena Wayne’s story today, but we’re also getting part two of Helena Bertinelli’s story tonight on Arrow. Two new Huntress stories in one day! Huzzah!

While I don’t feel either character has been written well in their respective mediums, I am however expecting plenty of Huntress love in the tags today. :)

Party on folks! :D


Yeah but the thing is tho, Helena *already* knows how to use a crossbow.

Her cousin Sal showed her when they were on the Asaro far —

Nevermind. I’ll just accept the creative liberties. For now. And hope that there’s more to this description that will be fully fleshed out and possibly stop all my antsy twitching.

Just read the actual description. 

I think I did myself a favour by having low expectations to begin with. But the first part of the description wasn’t very flattering and facepalm-worthy to say the least.  

Arrow 1x07 Promo - “Muse of Fire” (HD) (par OfficialTVPromos)

Screenshot of Jessica de Gouw as Huntress. Still sucky that she’s Arrow’s very own personal Catwoman, but at least her costume looks very…Anne Hathaway Catwoman inspired.
Not that I’m complaining about that last part. ;)

Screenshot of Jessica de Gouw as Huntress. Still sucky that she’s Arrow’s very own personal Catwoman, but at least her costume looks very…Anne Hathaway Catwoman inspired.

Not that I’m complaining about that last part. ;)


//I am happy that they put Helena B in something, but I really dislike the fact that she’s in Arrow as Oliver’s love interest. I know the episode hasn’t been out yet, but the pictures I’ve seen from the episode don’t really capture Helena’s character. And I hated the description they had for her in that magazine from the executive producer: “and then the fact that she’s hot and Oliver is into her makes it all more complicated.” That is just diminishing every quality she has in favour of her looks. I know it’s too early to judge, so we’ll see how things turn out when the episode comes out. Usually TV shows ruin characters so I don’t think this will be any different. Anyway, I’m not gonna include the Arrow’s version of Huntress in my roleplaying.

Yeah, I’ve had that same issue with the press constantly reducing Helena to being nothing more than potential booty call for Olie, which is a huge disservice to the character. Unfortunately she has had this same problem with writers in the mainstream comics as well. I also got a bit annoyed at Helena being described as ‘someone like Arrow,’ when it’s really the other way around. The show’s version of Oliver Queen reads more like a male version of Helena Bertinelli than Oliver Queen. 

I guess we’ll just see how it goes. The only characters I am genuinely enjoying in this show right now are ‘Laurel’ and John Diggle.