Just a few of Helena Bertinelli’s friends and allies that I miss and are currently, not in action. 

All of the friendships and alliances she formed are now gone, thanks to the unnecessary mess of a reboot. 

(In case you’re wondering why Black Canary is here, it’s because the current BC is Dinah Drake, not Dinah Lance. And as for Barbara, she’s currently around as Batgirl, but Oracle doesn’t exist. Well, at least not as a human being.)

…But Helena Bertinelli doesn’t even exist anymore. In the reboot Helena Bertinelli was secretly Helena Wayne the whole time. Which, I refuse to accept. Nope. The currently Black Canary isn’t Dinah Lance? I’m just going to go cry.

No, she does exist. In the first issue of World’s Finest it clearly states that Helena Bertinelli was alive and an actual person. That is until Paul Levitz decided to coldly kill her off.

It’s not known whether or not she was The Huntress in this universe, but she *does* exist.

And besides, I was referring to pre-reboot Helena and her friends and not Helena Bertinelli as she currently stands.

It was confirmed in Worlds’ Finest #9 that the Huntress of the New 52 mainstream universe has always been Helena Wayne and that the Huntress costume itself was specifically designed by Wayne.

When she became “Helena Bertinelli” has not yet been established (I assume this happened much later), but it was established that Helena Wayne became the Huntress the year after she arrived on Earth-1, making her roughly 17-years-old when she first took up the mantel. 

On to the main topic, this is a gorgeous photoset. I especially love the ones with Oracle and Renee Montoya, particularly for the texture in the latter’s case.

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    I guess I can see how you feel that way. Since I’ve never particularly been a Helena Bertinelli fan to begin with, I...
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    Even if it was super vague, and did leave wiggle room for Helena Bertinelli to come back, it was still a pretty awful...
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    It was confirmed in Worlds’ Finest #9 that the Huntress of the New 52 mainstream universe has always been Helena Wayne...
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