With the recent revelation that the gay ‘iconic male’ hero in question is in fact Alan Scott, I seriously want to pick up Earth-2 again, but….Robinson. 

After being largely unimpressed with the mass fridging of important female characters and his terrible characterisations of the Earth-2 Trinity and Joan (formerly Garrick), I’m actually hesitant to give it another shot out of the expectation that Robinson will unwittingly insert another offensive trope in there somewhere.

On an unrelated note, I’d be more excited about the revelation if Alan Scott was still an old man and the biological dad of both Jade and Obsidian, the latter who was also gay pre-reboot. How awesome would it have been to have both a gay dad and son who are superheroes? I don’t think that’s a concept that’s been explored yet in the medium. I could be wrong though.

Well, on another bright side, more reason to support Nicola Scott at least?

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  2. therearecertainshadesoflimelight said: I honestly sometimes wonder if DC does good things like this to take attention away from the other offensive shit. Still…it’s great to see diversity even if I don’t like Robinson.
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