Huntress’ Ambiguous Sexuality in the New 52

After 7 issues (6 Huntress, 1 Worlds’ Finest), we’ve had the chance to get to know our New 52 Huntress. We know that she’s clearly dedicated to her work as the Huntress (just like before), takes special interest in women’s issues (particularly where abuse and sexual violence are concerned), she loves food, she’s optimistic and outgoing as Helena Wayne, and she’s brutal as the Huntress. She’s also a skilled, versatile fighter, a detective, and an expert pilot. What we don’t know is how she rolls in the love department. 

Pre-Crisis, Helena Wayne was clearly defined as a heterosexual character as evidenced by her relationship with her D.A. boyfriend, Harry Simms, and hinted sexual attraction to the Earth-2 Dick Grayson. The post-Crisis Helena Bertinelli was also established as heterosexual given her various relationships with various male heroes. But what about in the New 52?

What is known is that she’s perfectly comfortable with bringing a female sex worker into her hotel room (she even wore a nightie) as a way of getting information, she’s also perfectly fine with using her body to entice men into giving her information, she’s very flirty with Kara (aka Power Girl), her best friend, and she admits she didn’t date on Earth-2 because well…her father was Batman (meaning no chance of even having a casual sex life in private).

By all appearances, it would seem as though Helena is completely uninterested in romantic relationships in this new continuity, but has no qualms using her sex appeal to get information on a case she’s working on (which makes her very much like her mother). It also appears as though Kara is the only significant relationship she has and the only person she is close to. One could easily argue that Helena is possibly asexual, or she hasn’t had the chance to date anyone, or Levitz has simply not decided on a love interest yet.

If you were to take a guess at Helena’s sexuality in the New 52, what would it be?

  • Asexual? 
  • Straight?
  • Gay?
  • Bisexual?
  • Omnisexual?

I know this is me we’re talking about, but all things considered, I see New 52 Helena Wayne more easily as bisexual if not flat out gay in this newer universe. On the one hand, Kara is the only intimate friend she has and trusts, thus potentially opening the door in that direction. On the other hand, it is implied she is at least interested in men if her not dating boys on Earth-2 is any indication. And for all we know, she may have “made up for lost time” in the five years she was trapped on Earth-1, despite Kara’s comments.

What does the rest of Tumblr think? Share your thoughts!

  1. thebutterdildo answered: It’s not just me? To be honest, I’m really hoping she might be queer. That’s certainly fit in with scott snyder saying theres a new gay Bat
  2. girllustrator answered: I strongly felt she was bisexual, which made me very happy :)
  3. therearecertainshadesoflimelight said: She reads bisexual to me too
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  5. jsarevisited answered: I am having a strong suspicion that the well-known “gay” character maybe Karen Starr/PowerGirl.
  6. luanna255 answered: I think there’s no way to tell at this point. She doesn’t have a love interest yet (unless it’s Kara) so we haven’t seen her thoughts on sex.
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