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Have some Out of Grace with Obscura which came out a little over a decade ago. Time flies!


Powergirl—for BostonComicCon sketch list: mtakaraart@yahoo.com



for BostonComicCon sketch list: mtakaraart@yahoo.com

SMILE | You'll steal away my soul. Smile, I'll hide away and cry.
SMILE | You'll steal away my soul. Smile, I'll hide away and cry.
"If this is our last day before going to war, do you mind if we enjoy it?"

"If this is our last day before going to war, do you mind if we enjoy it?"

YOU HAD ME AT HELLO! | When Batman was sure he met his future wife.
YOU HAD ME AT HELLO! | When Batman was sure he met his future wife.
TEXT FAIL | When that gum box looks like 'cum' box at first glance.
TEXT FAIL | When that gum box looks like 'cum' box at first glance.


Justice Society of America

Between Huntress's immunity to radiation, her ability to throw forks into people and walls, cat hearing, and Batgirl commenting on how hard she was to punch, do you think Helena Wayne has special powers on Earth-1?

I don’t think she has special powers on Earth-1. I just think those small details are there to emphasise that she’s from a parallel universe and that her body probably functions slightly differently on Earth-1 than it does on Earth-2, probably as a consequence of a slightly different law of physics. But that’s a question for a quantum physics expert.

I think her uncanny skill to throw forks like knives into people and walls is just there to emphasise that she’s very skilled with weapons. She did use to throw knives at people pre-Crisis and pin them to walls.

The cat-hearing bit I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to take literally. The thing to always remember with Helena Wayne is that she—most of the time—never mean what she says. She’s 90% sardonic when she speaks to people (including her friends) and is only serious 10% of the time.

If you could put together a team of about 5-10 female Avengers, who would they be?

Do they have to be exclusively female Avengers, or can it be an Avengers team comprised of any Marvel woman I want? If it’s the latter case:

  1. Maria Hill
  2. Black Widow
  3. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
  4. Scarlet Witch
  5. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
  6. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
  7. Misty Knight
  8. Storm
  9. Elektra
  10. Spider-Woman








ZINDA BLAKE | Or someone who looks and talks like Zinda?

Snuck that by. :)

The most irritating thing about this is that it looks like the original birds but that is Helena Wayne and Dinah Drake and they are certainly not Helena Bertinelli or Dinah Lance and they are most certainly not interchangeable. 


Gee, that never occurred to me. Different people, you say?

The thing that gets me is that Huntress was originally Helena Wayne, died during the Crisis, and we get an alternate post-Crisis iteration as Helena Bertinelli. Then we get Flashpoint and New 52 and she’s back to being Helena Wayne.

And pre-Crisis Dinah Drake Lance I am not sure how to explain.

Like I do not get why this homage is a bad thing, esp. considering Black Canary’s and Huntress’ somewhat convoluted histories.

Both characters have had a couple of different origins, but their existence has been relatively continuous. Both characters also originated on the old JSA Earth-2.

Convoluted histories they may be, Helena Bertinelli and Dinah Laurel Lance have evolved into established, separate characters from the first Huntress and Black Canary, Helena Wayne and Dinah Drake respectively. They’re not the same women, and as Alex (hellionkitty) and many fans have pressed, they’re especially not interchangeable.

But the New 52 started off their reintroduction into the new universe treating them as such. What a slap to the face it was to many fans upon finding out that the characters they were led to believe were Helena Bertinelli and Dinah Lance were in fact, not. So this ~homage~ to the preboot BoP only adds salt to wound. Helena Wayne was never part of the Birds, and neither was Dinah Drake. Helena Wayne and Dinah Drake never had adventures with Oracle and Lady Blackhawk; Helena Bertinelli and Dinah Lance did.

You would think a writer who actually wrote them in many stories would respect that and show some sensitivity. Gee, now that’s something that occurred to me.

With all due respect, you are also wilfully disregarding the fact that the post-Crisis Helena Bertinelli was created and developed in ways that systematically erased a previously established character (in this case Helena Wayne), while simultaneously expropriating much of what made Helena Wayne recognisable as the Huntress onto this character as part of her development, and even influenced how she was used in narratives.

Contrary to popular fan opinion, the post-Crisis Helena Bertinelli was not created as a new character who took over being the Huntress after Helena Wayne died. She was literally a case of DC Comics taking an established character, Helena Wayne, and rebuilding her entirely from scratch so that she was no longer related to Batman, but at the same time used aspects of the character’s pre-Crisis history whenever it serviced the narrative. This is a well documented fact that’s been acknowledged in two legitimate DC Comics sources: the introductions to Huntress: Year One and Huntress Darknight Daughter

Given that reality, it is not an accident or a coincidence that the post-Crisis Helena Bertinelli was given the same name and physical appearance as the original Helena Wayne character. It is also not an accident that she was given Wayne’s superhero identity, costume, modus operandi, and even membership to the Batfamily without ever acknowledging Helena Wayne as the predecessor. She was even paired her off with Dick Grayson in a way that was later acknowledged as ‘incestuous’ in an issue of Gotham Knights, and was constantly written as wanting Batman’s fatherly approval, even though there was no logical reason for her to do so. She was even paired her off with Catman in a way that danced on the idea of a reversed-gendered Batman and Catwoman relationship, which logically speaking, is a more appropriate development for Helena Wayne, who has the history to make it relevant. All of this occurred over a period of two decades while completely denying that Helena Wayne ever existed. In many cases, these developments were themselves homages to the original Helena Wayne character and were rarely, if ever, accidental.

If you are genuinely attempting to have a discussion about DC Comics’ problem with treating women as interchangeable, but are willing to look the other way at all the different ways Helena Bertinelli was given developments that were, by definition, more appropriate for, or belonged to Helena Wayne, you need to reevaluate your thinking. If you still rationalise that Helena Bertinelli functioning as the Huntress longer, or being given a different history somehow erases the problem that came with erasing a previous character to develop her in her place, you just invalidated your own position in this argument.

Lastly, while there is no denying that DC Comics has a very serious problem with the way they treat and reboot their women characters over a period of time (I myself have written about this more times than I care to count), you also cannot hold writers responsible for dealing with problems that exist at the top level. In fact, all of the problems that we have seen with the Huntress, Black Canary, all of the Batgirls, etc, over the last three decades have always started at the top level and trickled down from there. 

How a character gets rebooted and utilised at DC Comics is beyond the control of nearly everyone who gets paid to develop these characters the way DC Comics wants with few exceptions. Sometimes a writer will get lucky and DC will allow them to tell the story they want to tell, using the characters they want to use, and even develop the characters as they see fit. In most cases, however, they don’t and this is especially the case in the New 52.

Under these circumstances, it is an unfair accusation to say Gail Simone is being deliberately disrespectful and insensitive to post-Crisis fans, when she had absolutely NO say in how each of these characters were going to be rebooted in the New 52. I’m pretty sure if she had it her way, she would be writing these characters as they existed post-Crisis because she is very fond of those characters, especially Helena Bertinelli’s Huntress and Dinah Laurel Lance as Black Canary.

Additionally, if it was her decision entirely to use Helena Wayne and Dinah Drake for this particular story—especially this being her final Batgirl story—she IS allowed to do that. She’s not obligated to restrict herself in the characters she wants to use if she feels they work for the story she wants to tell, and she is allowed to allude to her own work. 

I completely understand the frustration with seeing your favourite characters wholly repurposed to the point of unrecognisable, and in other cases, even thrown out like yesterday’s trash in favour of other characters. I’ve had this same experience with both the post-Crisis and New 52 continuities, even with creative talents I genuinely like. But I also think it’s equally important to consider that DC writers have limited power over the direction of the entire DC Universe, and that many of the decisions that get made with existing characters occur at the top level.