Avengers Assemble #11

written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
art by Stefano Caselli

these are some of the greatest panels in Marvel history

saw that tweet about "Ultimate DC" and it was hilarious. then again, i wonder how an ultimate dc universe would play out.... hopefully better than the new 52 :P

You’re looking at it right now. :P

The New 52 version of Earth-2 is literally what Ultimatum would’ve been had that been a three-year ongoing narrative instead of a five-issue miniseries.

(And even I would MUCH rather read THAT story again—from start to finish—before I ever find myself touching the New 52 Earth-2 again with a ten-foot pole. That’s saying a bloody lot right there).

If I can be honest, something that's always bugged me is, why would Diana's daughter go by the alias 'Fury'? I mean, doesn't that seem odd for someone whose mother represented truth and compassion? I dunno, is it just me problem, like I just can't get it?

That, my dear friend, is a question for Roy Thomas who created the character. :P

All I can tell you with respect to her name choice is that she originally wanted to become the new Wonder Woman, but Diana felt she was not yet ready to take on that role. So she followed the footsteps of her other two peers—Helena Wayne and Kara Zor-L—and developed an identity of her own.  

Yeah, that's a good point (and I really don't like to be reminded of SM/WW), but.... don't you feel like DC didn't like Steve way before this? I mean, George Perez literally wrote him out as a love interest back in his reboot in the 80's. How do you feel about that?

I honestly don’t know. I wasn’t following DC that closely during the post-Crisis era, which for me was the last decade.

The only DC books I bought at the time were the Harley Quinn and Catwoman solo books. I only checked out the Huntress narratives (both pre and post-Crisis) only after I found out about the Helena Wayne character, which was also last decade.

It literally wasn’t until I got introduced to the Earth-2 universe (obviously though Helena Wayne) that I actually became fully interested in the DC Universe and its respective mythos.

Ask me about the Earth-2 or Golden Age Wonder Woman and I can tell you everything there is to know about her and her established history. Ask me about the Silver Age and even post-Crisis Wonder Woman, however, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about her established history within these two continuities.

I would what type of relationship (not like that, I'm afraid) would the Earth-2 Trinity would have... I mean, Superman represents Hope, Batman Justice and Wonder Woman Truth. I wonder what do you Power Girl, Huntress and Fury each represent, considering they both (probably) have rather unique personalities from their parents? :)

I think the second generation Earth-2 Trinity would still represent all of those things as well, but would additionally represent female empowerment. 

Huntress = Law and Order
Power Girl = Female Emancipation
Fury = Truth, Justice, and Equality for all

I am, of course, basing this on their original pre-Crisis personalities and not their current New 52 ones. :P

Wait, Steve Trevor really isn't the father of Fury in the New 52? Aw, man.... DC really don't like Steve Trevor, don't they?

The current leadership doesn’t like the idea of God-like people being in loving relationships (let alone married) with normal humans. It turns out, they don’t like Lois Lane either, and why we currently have the insulting Superman/Wonder Woman fauxmance right now.

That’s okay though. You can join heckyeahstevetrevor and I on our ‘lamenting the loss of the real Earth-2’ bandwagon.

(Though it was recently revealed that that Earth-2 along with that world’s Helena Wayne and Justice Society still exists in the DC Multiverse somewhere).

Who do you think the new fury is?

It’s been confirmed between Earth-2 and Futures End that the New 52 Fury is still Wonder Woman’s daughter but her father is now an unnamed Apokoliptian.

If you could build an Earth in the DC Multiverse from the ground up, who would be its heroes? Basically, who would you select to be its Justice League or JSA, and how would they be unique from their standard counterparts? (Black Superman, gay Batman, female Flash, villain turned hero, etc.)

Hmmm…maybe I’m no fun, but I’m quite fond of Earth-2 Classic as is.

At best, I’d transplant the newer characters that debuted with the New 52 Earth-2 as part of the pre-Crisis Earth-2 canon, and have them function as the current generation Justice Society team alongside the second generation Earth-2 Trinity of Huntress, Power Girl, and Fury.

If there are characters I’d definitely borrow from the mainstream universe to be a part of Earth-2 canon, I’d add Barbara Gordon as Oracle (both Black Canaries are already Earth-2 characters), Tom Blake as Catman, Helena Bertinelli as an agent of Spyral, and Renee Montoya as her partner. I quite like those characters.

LOSS OF PERSPECTIVE | The tragic evolution of Helena Wayne's Huntress.
THE DC DARK AGE | It began when Helena Wayne started losing her mind.
THE DC DARK AGE | It began when Helena Wayne started losing her mind.