Helena Wayne

Oct 22

Some of you are continuing to buy books you don’t like. Some of you, I would venture, have been doing this for years. I direct this, with all the loving kindness in my soul, to you:

The time has come to stop doing that.


Stop playing on their terms.

Because they’ve got you, and they know they do, because they’ve had you for years in some cases. They’re holding you by the short-and-curlies, because they know, they absolutely know that if they publish something with “Bat” in the title, or the letter “X,” or the word “Spider” you will buy it, and you will keep on buying it no matter its quality. No matter if they’re ignoring you, or if – in some instances – they’ve even gone so far as to outright insult and dismiss you.

This isn’t an indictment of any particular story or event or character or creative team or anything like that. For every story that someone loves, there’s someone who’s going to hate it. That’s not the point. Nor is this an argument of “creator-ownership vs. work-for-hire.” I’ve lived in both camps, and both camps have their merits, and the arguments in support of one or the other are for a different time.

This is about getting out of, to use a very poor analogy, the abusive relationships you’ve been living in for years, now. This is about you realizing that the love of a character does not require you to be abused every time you pay for the privilege of spending time with said character. This is about you realizing that, until you stand up for yourselves and walk away, nothing is ever going to change. This is about you realizing that, after month after month after month of hoping and praying that it’s going to get better and instead seeing it get steadily worse, it’s time to call it quits.

At the risk of causing offense, you who have waited for months, years, to see your beloved character “return” to quality, you have become part of the problem. The only language the publisher speaks fluently is Money. When you buy books you do not enjoy, you are sending a mixed message, and it’s not getting through.

I say it again: set your own terms.

” — Greg Rucka (via damalur)

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Oct 21

Anonymous said: Ugh, She's my favorite dc character, like I want to be into others but she can not be outdone. Do you recommend other series? Because I really want one in the meantime. (Thank you so much for answering these questions, I've had them for ages)

I know it’s frustrating, especially since you literally can’t get this character anywhere else, except in the pre-Crisis comics and the short-lived Birds of Prey television show.

Bruce and Selina, I can get them in out-of-continuity comics, television shows, and movies, video games, etc, if I don’t like how they’re being written in the mainstream comics. Lois and Clark, same thing. I can read them in other non-New 52 comics, I can see them in movies, television shows, and now, recently, a novel. 

But Helena Wayne? We’re stuck with what DC has to offer, and it is bullshit. :( 

It’s unfortunate that we just got Helena Wayne back after not having her in continuity for two decades, and DC has yet to utilise her full potential by actually giving her good narratives.

The only thing I can recommend at this time is her pre-Crisis stuff, cause that’s literally all we have to keep us preoccupied for the time being. (That’s actually what I’m doing right now!) Also, the pre-Crisis comics are far more respectful of her character than the current New 52 stuff. :/

I do have a list of trade paperbacks you can buy that feature Helena Wayne, as well as a list of which ones you can buy at Comixology.

One stand-alone story that I absolutely recommend that is a must read for all Helena Wayne fans, however, is the Justice Society Annual #1 by Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway!

Anonymous said: Oh Okay, do you know other series that The Huntress will appear in?

Sadly, she’s not appearing in anything else in the next three months. :(

DC has not been kind to her in the New 52. :(

Anonymous said: So they will appear in the earth 2 series for the next 6 months?

They’ll be appearing in the Earth-2: World’s End weekly, and ::maybe:: the Earth-2 monthly book for the next six months.

Though to be perfectly honest, it isn’t worth paying $3.00 USD a week just for a few pages of Usurper Bat with a side of Huntress/Power Girl, in addition to a narrative that’s complete garbage.

In my opinion, if you want to know what’s going on with Kara and Helena, read it at the shop for free. I’ll go ahead and tell you right now they’re both possessed by War, along with Red Tornado. Like I said, it’s rubbish.

Anonymous said: Huntress and Catman is a thing?


I’m no expert when it comes to Helena Bertinelli Huntress, I just remember they had some kind of reverse Batman/Catwoman thing going.


Which AGAIN raises the question why the writers had made the rebooted Huntress character so much like Helena Wayne without making her the actual Helena Wayne.

Helena Wayne Huntress on the other hand has never faced Catman since there’s no Catman on Earth-2 as far as I remember. helenawaynehuntress, help me out!

I just listed the pairing because of what I said above. Vigilante Wayne!Huntress fighting and loving a criminal with a cat theme is a nice idea in my fangirl eyes! Selina would find it amusing and Bruce would be torn to no end as he’s trying to protect his innocent baby girl from the bad tomcat while having to admit that it had worked out wonderfully between a bad kitty and himself.

Yeah, you are correct that Helena Wayne never met Catman pre-Crisis since he only existed on Earth-1.

He also didn’t appear often in narratives despite Wayne’s frequent trips to Earth-1.

(Though it still would’ve been interesting to see her take him on pre-Crisis since writers back then would’ve definitively played on the reverse-gendered Batman and Catwoman idea).

Oct 20

Anonymous said: Are Helena Wayne and Power Girl lovers or best friends


So far, they’ve always been portrayed as besties, from the 70s till today. It’s a very close, intense, and passionate friendship but they’re friends. HOWEVER, there’ve been some lesbian vibes between them, coming especially from Helena who could be interpreted as bisexual in the current World’s Finest run.

I ship them because they make an awesome team, they’re cute together, and personally, I wouldn’t mind more sexual diversity in the DC universe. Can you imagine The Batman’s daughter being interested in girls? That would be something huge!

If you’re interested in more Helena/Kara stuff, please check out helenawaynehuntress!

New 52 Helena Wayne does read fabulously queer in ways you never saw happen with her pre-Crisis counterpart, who did read as believably straight.

If both versions of Helena Wayne ever meet in one of DC’s continuity-clusterfucking events, it’d be interesting to see their reactions to each other’s sexual preferences.

New 52 Wayne would definitely comment on pre-Crisis Wayne’s poor taste in men, that’s for damn sure, lol. 😋

Anonymous said: Is world's finest: power girl and the huntress cancelled?

It hasn’t been cancelled. DC editorial gave their book to the Earth-2 Batman and Superman for the next six months.

I’ll be honest and say that was a really shitty thing for them to do because the problem with the book wasn’t the characters, it was the writer.

Either way, outside of Sensation Comics, DC isn’t getting my money until probably next year. And that’s a big IF.

Oct 19



30 Day DC Challenge (13/30)
        ↳Favorite Non-Canon Pairing: SuperBat


30 Day DC Challenge (13/30)

        ↳Favorite Non-Canon Pairing: SuperBat

Oct 18

Anonymous said: Judging by some of your posts, I take it you've read Earth 2: World's End. How is it and is it worth checking out?

I only read Earth-2 #27 in its entirety (which was a very solid issue by Marguerite Bennett), the first half of World’s End #1 before skipping down to the Huntress and Power Girl parts, and I tried to read World’s End #2, but honestly the story couldn’t hold my interest long enough before skipping down to the Huntress and Power Girl bits, and that too was rubbish.

On whether or not it’s worth checking out, I’m of the opinion that only you—the reader—can be the judge of that. If it looks like something that might interest you, feel free to check it out. If not, I can safely say you’re missing out on nothing.

For me personally, I’m not going to bother with issue #3 or any of the future issues. The story is not interesting, Usurper Thomas Wayne is given a more important role in the story than he actually deserves (he’s not the real Batman), the Earth-2 women (Huntress, Power Girl, and Red Tornado) were easily possessed by War the minute they attacked her, and the remaining Earth-2 characters (Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Doctor Fate) are basically used as pawns in the overall narrative.

World’s End is, in my opinion, lazy, uninspired shite not worth the paper it’s printed on. It’s a complete waste of talents like Marguerite Bennett and Mike Johnson who are genuinely good writers, and a massive waste of the Earth-2 characters. It’s unfortunate this is the narrative Earth-2 fans are stuck with, but I honestly can’t bother myself with this one. If I want to know what’s going on with my ladies, I’ll just skim through it at the shop for free.