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Welcome to HWH, a fan blog mostly dedicated to the Huntress character in both of her incarnations (Wayne and Bertinelli), and also a feminist space for discussing social issues that prevail in the comics industry.

When having a discussion in the Disqus comments section of any published post, there are some rules to follow:

  1. Be respectful of me and other users and commenters. That is to say, “play nice” and refrain from making personal attacks during the course of discussion.

  2. Differing opinions on both Huntresses (and other related characters) are welcome, but do bear in mind that both Wayne and Bertinelli fans visit this blog. In all cases, please refrain from character bashing as they will in most cases result in an all out flamewar. 
  3. When entering a feminist discussion, be conscious of the actual problem being discussed. Before presenting a “counterargument,” please check to make sure your counter point isn’t actually a derailing tactic commonly heard in feminist discussions. Derailing tactics are (in all cases) silencing tactics that come from a place of institutional oppression and prevent marginalised groups from openly discussing issues that are important to them. Derailing tactics not only reinforce and encourage oppression, but they are also disrespectful to all individuals trying to openly discuss a real problem that has real consequences. Not sure what a derailing tactic looks like? Derailing for Dummies has a pretty good list of them. Bottom line? Have an informed opinion. 
  4. Comment trolling, misogyny, homophobia, sexism, racism, and other forms of hate speech will not be dealt with, they will simply be deleted. Repeated offenders will be banned.  

Sometimes, depending on the nature of the discussion being held, I may occasionally moderate comments to be approved before posting as a preventative measure from letting things spiral out of control. Beyond that, there should be no difficulty posting comments. 

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